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Welcome to my website.

I have a quite versatile way of working and living. I love creating things, playing with tech and also to do meditation, breathwork and deeper inner work. A part of my work is in the field of IT, where I enjoy diving deep into technical structures. Lately I’m focusing on networks and datacenter on premise. I am a father of two teenagers, co-parenting.

And I like to make drawings in Mermaid :)

flowchart TD A(((Marten))) B(Trainings) B1((IFS)) B2(CvT) B3(Ridhwan) C((Home)) C1(Kids) D(Work) D1(IT) D2(Practice) A ==> B A ==> C A ==> D B --> B1 B --> B2 B --> B3 C --> C1 D --> D1 D --> D2