Marten Vijn

Work work work


Up to 2005 I ‘ve been working in healthcare, rehabilitation, upto the moment where administration seemed to become more important than patients.

I loved to take a dive together to explore that minds that suffered from stroke or blunt head injuiry to see what still is possible and work with that to improve quality of live. Actually I still do, but more in the scope of live itself.

Now, inspired by the open source movement, I am working in tech, doing the infra/ops side of DevOps. Doing this for almost 2 decades at SRON, Leiden University and currently Divider.

In my spare time do sometime small jobs like 2/3D designs, prototyping or help grassroots or NGO’s with their tech setup like building websites, social media or communication platforms. Also bootstrapping kids and youngsters into the wondering world of making stuff and howto organise yourself and your open source projects, as most things are code nowadays. (oke not all)

And, not to forget, also sometime organise small events around meditation and self exploration.

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