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Beside my It-jobs, I have been spending quite some time in personal and spiritual development over the last decades.

I may write a non-technical resume soon, about the trainings I did and may follow in the near future.

Recently I did a training at the “In de Smeltkroes” bij Viram Verberk and Marie le Mahieu, assisted by Anne Langedijk.

This training “Innnerlijke Stemmen Innerlijke Leiding” (Inner Voices Inner Leading) is an introduction to the IFS (Internal Family Systems).

IFS came to the conclusion humans are pural minded. Those part may play different roles and forfill different tasks. They may be in state cooperation and also in a fight or not even being aware of each other.

IFS focusses on including all parts, cooperation and befriending parts. And there is one part, called Self, that considdered to be something else…..

In the training I learned to work with those parts, and I love working with them.

Curious? drop me an email… (Sessions on workdays are only on Monday)

The sessions are in Dutch.

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