Technical Curriculum Vitae

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Curriculum Vitae, version Aug 2020

Marten Vijn


  • HBO, physical and occupational therapy, graduated 1994 and 2000
  • MDGO-sd, graduated, 1988
  • MAVO-D, graduated, 1984


  • Creative thinking and proactive problem resolving, improving and automating processes (re)Designing, developing and deploying solutions, driven to make thing work.
  • Communicative, clear interaction with users, colleagues and management, sensitive
  • Giving talks, workshops and writing papers and documentation
  • Fixing issues pragmatically.


  • 2018 - Current :: Naturalis NBC Diversity is the nature of NBC. I have been working on storage (S3,NFS,CEPH), Kubernetes on-premise and AWS cloud, for workloads and high performance computation with GPU-clusters. Bringing up and maintaining a hardware test-lab. Building up Metal as a service using Ubuntu MAAS to provide destroy and deploy for CI/CD using GitLab. Being a helping hand setting up ansible (AWX) to drive projectors and power the exhibition via APIs and rest-gateway (PJlink and KNX). Generally helping with proper design principals and architecture. My current task is building a setup with CumulusLinux (NVidia) Switches to provision a scalable (north-south/east-west) network for high performance baremetal, computing (CPU+GPU), and Openstack Hypervisor services.

  • 2014 - 2018 :: Divider B.V. Linux / Unix Engineer using Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, Centos and Solaris systems running on hardware and Xen virtualisation. As part of the devops team I am forfilling the role of deploying and maining platforms on a large scale using Ansible and other tools. Administration covers legacy maintaince as well as automated deployments. Co-designer of pilot for IoT platform to monitor power outages using KPN’s LoRaWan IoT network. For logging and monitoring I have recent experience with Zabbix, syslog, Logstash/Elasticsearch/Kibana and the use enterprise message brokers like Mosquitto (MQTT) and RabbitMQ. I am getting more and more familiar with python for connectors, parsers and api scripts. I write shell scripts for several common tasks in the unix landscape. I have good network skills.

  • 2012 - current :: Stichting MakerSpace Leiden MakerSpace Leiden is a community driven, not-for-profit foundation providing workshops, tools and a social network for about 100 makers in de Leiden area. Besides administrating the makerspace infrastructure such as servers (FreeBSD/Debian), networks, wifi and LoRaWan, I gave workshops in arduino programming, Internet of Things (IoT) and metalworking. I was one of the driving forces in the Leiden Maker community finding ways to get things to work for the community. I was also a founder and chairman of the foundation for five years. As a member I make things like lamps, geodesic domes, IoT sensors and actuators.

  • 2010-2014 :: ISSC, Leiden University Migration of smaller departments to central facilities, working on long term solutions based on open source and standards. Learning how to to operate in a large IT environment and evolving to ITIL3, Prince2 and Togaf enterpise architecture.

  • 2007-2010 :: Mathematical Institute, Leiden University I designed, developed and implemented projects like: improving remote administration, a configuration and change management system, a layered security model. I introduced new technologies for the current high availability setup. Recent projects are a highly scalable desktop environment on Ubuntu Linux and a user satisfaction review. Daily tasks are the administration of 450 user accounts, (wireless) network, firewalls, 30 servers, 150 desktops using Linux and FreeBSD. I have set up a wiki server with documentation for administrators and users. I have organised a workshop on maintenance FreeBSD and NanoBSD for colleagues.

  • 2005-2007 :: Space Research Organisation Nederlands Here I redesigned and deployed a mailserver setup to improve performance and decrease the amount of servers. I introduced a software version control system and a collaboration platform for colleagues. Daily tasks are the administration of 60 desktops and 30 servers on Debian Linux, backups, software and hardware updates.

  • 2000-2002 :: Cultural Center de X I migrated a small office environment from Windows NT to Linux. I introduced firewalls, improved network performance and access control. Weekly administration tasks are backups and system updates.

  • 1994-2006 :: Working in health care as physical and occupational therapist in nursing home, hospital and rehabilitation. My expertise is mainly in the treatment of brain damage and lower limb amputation.


  • 2012 - 2018 :: Internet of Things Playing with and building IoT infrastructures using LoRaWan and WiFi, opening doors and enlightening workplaces.

  • 2010-2011 :: RepRap 3D-printing A group of 5 technicians work on the RepRap project to build self replicating 3D-printers. My roles are organising, (re-)designing on impacting group processes to achieve a flow of progress and successes. I learn a lot about hardware, extrusion processes, embedded software (arduino) and electronics (atmel, stepper drivers and pcb-debugging). I am also involved in financial aspects and online documentation.

  • 2008-2010 :: Network Event Kit (NEK) is a mobile network kit to deploy wireless network for events up to 1000 people, it is funded by NLnet. It is based on open source software and I do the design and development. Current development heads towards an open source wireless controller.

  • 2005-2012 :: Open Community Camp (OCC) is a yearly camp for open source technicians. I am one of the founders and organisers of the OCC. We create a place to work and learn on a non-for-profit basis for about 70 people. My roles are chairman of the foundation, the planning and organisation, public relations, the speaker program, wireless network and giving workshops.

  • 2001-2006 :: Wireless Leiden is a major community wireless network. Here I designed and deployed images for embedded systems, administration of routers, configuration and change management. I fulfilled tasks as designer, project leader, technical trainer and board member.

Ongoing education, courses and conferences

  • 2020 :: CumulusLinux BootCamp
  • 2019 :: Surf Big Dataday, Kubenetes for Developers
  • 2017 :: NB-IoT T-mobile
  • 2016 :: LoRaWan workshop KPN/RDM-makerspace and The Thingsnetwork
  • 2015 :: Communication Training, Stichting de Boogschutter
  • 2014 :: Ripe administration and IPv6
  • 2012 :: OCC, Fosdem, ITIL3 certification, ApacheCon-EU
  • 2011 :: OCC, Fosdem, Togaf certification, Prince3 certification
  • 2010 :: OCC, Fosdem, NLUUG systeembeheer, Why-Fi workshop, EuroBSDcon, T-Dose
  • 2009 :: OCC, Fosdem, T-Dose, EuroBSDcon with Kirk McKusick’s Tutorial, ApacheConEu, Sugar Camp Paris, HAR
  • 2008 :: OCC, NLUUG security, EuroBSDcon, T-Dose, ApacheConEu, BSD community day
  • 2007 :: OCC, Fosdem, EurobsdCon, ApacheConEU, T-Dose, MediaWiki, Software freedom day
  • 2006 :: OCC, Tunix Firewall
  • 2005 :: EuroBSDcon, WTH
  • 2004-2009 :: Essence Trainings, personal effectivity and leadership trainings (Essence, Source, Dialogica, MOB, Challenge)

Given Talks and workshops

  • Several Workshop at the MakerSpace, makerspace infrastructure, arduino/esp8622 programming and Raspberry-Pi, Leiden 2015-2017
  • The Pixies Project , Barcamp Leiden 2010, Open Community Camp 2010
  • Building and maintaining NanoBSD, for colleagues on University of Leiden 2009
  • Network Event Kit, BSD community dag 2008, Moodlemoot 2009, OpenCommunityCamp 2009, EuroBSDcon 2009, T-Dose 2009
  • TinyBSD and TinyBSD workshops, OpenCommunityCamp 2008, EuroBSDcon 2008
  • OpenCommunityCamp, Free Software Day 2007
  • Wifi and dynamic routing on FreeBSD, Open Community Camp 2006
  • The node factory and nodefactory hands-om training WirelessLeiden 2005, WOAF 2005
  • The Innovation Journey of Wi-Fi, 2010, Wolter Lemstra, Vic Hayes, John Groenewegen (contribution)
  • The Pixie Project, 2010, Marten Vijn, Martijn Feleus
  • ICT user satisfaction, 2010, Marten Vijn, Martijn Feleus
  • Kickstart of the Network Event Kit, 2009, Marten Vijn
  • Wireless netwerk dekt Leiden, 2005, Marten Vijn, Gerard Mourits
  • Building a Wireless Community Network in the Netherlands, 2003, Rudi van Drunen, et al. (contribution)

A more random wordsoup

  • Hardware, operating systems, software and programming arm, 32-bit and 64-bit servers and desktops, XO-laptops, Routers, switches, firewalls, Soekris, Wrap, Alix, arduino, pic-chips, esp8622 and Raspbery-pi.
  • GNU/Linux (since 2.0.18), mainly Debian, Ubuntu, SLES, RHEL/Centos, FreeBSD (since 4.6) mqtt, nfs, bind, isc-dhcp, sendmail, postfix, nis, ldap, kerberos, clamav, spamd, mailman, KDE, Gnome, svn, trac, mediawiki,apache, mysql, OSPF, BGP, lvrouted, openoffice, gdb, kstrace strace, fsck ldapvi, TinyBSD, NanoBSD, dpkg apt, tcpdump, conky, ping, nagios, aop, cu, cacti, snmp(trap), netflow, ntop, snort, gpg, kismet, aircrack-ng, nfs, samba, vi, perl, ruby, shell, php, casper, pxeboot, drupal, moodle, lyx, driftnet, ossec, sshfs, graphiz, rrd, puppet, mfsBSD, dbs, pf, altq, iptables, carp, pen, pound, kubenettes, Cumulus, lag, OPNsense, GPU, gitlab, traeffik
  • shell, python, golang


  • sport climbing, bouldering
  • yoga, mediation, personal development
  • Reading management/organisation books
  • Playing around with linux and *BSD operating systems, domotica, electronica
  • Jogging
  • RepairCafe