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My Story

First of all.. I am a dad. I have two kids. I take care for them and they have my prio number one.


I work parttime as linux admin for in Leiden. Next to thoose im am involved in MakerSpace, and use and build open stuff... From geodesics dome, tensiongrids to FreeBSD based minidata centers and the Network Event Kit. I also work on a Laos lasercutter and home brew arduino en raspberry-Pi based domotica.

Business and Work

I am working as ict craftsman doing network, networkservices and desktops.

I work with Linux and BSD operating systems. I prefeer Ubuntu/Debian and mostly FreeBSD, depending on it's services ofcourse. But in the end any open OS will do, I have experiance with most of them including Red Hat Enterprise and Suse Linux Enterprise Server.

I have also experiance with embedded hardward and software, like Soekris, Wrap, Alix, Arduino and Raspberry-Pi.

As most people do, I am looking for the ultimate job. If you know or have a nice job offer please let me know (jobs at You can also download my resume.

I also do freelance and consulting work. This mostly for

So if you have interesting work, job of project, feel free to contact me.


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